The Accutron FlexBID™ Modular Burn-In Driver System

Configurable to suit your application and budget

Easy integration with any burn-in oven

Up to 384 digital channels per driver

Up to 128 analog channels

Integrated voltage and current monitoring

Integrated power supply control

Proven Burn-in Driver Technology

Used for over a decade by major semiconductor vendors, Accutron’s burn-in driver system (BID) technology is now available in a modular form – The FlexBID.

A burn-in driver system can now be configured to perfectly suit both your application and most importantly your budget.

As your burn-in needs grow FlexBID expands to meet them.
Unlike other driver systems, if your requirements become more demanding the FlexBID can expand to meet these new needs.


Build A FlexBID System To Suit Your Needs

FlexBID is modular and each system can be individually architected to meet you specific needs. The basic building blocks are:


Flex Digital Burn-In Driver Module (-D48) – 48 channel digital driver


Flex Analog Module (-A 16) – 16 channel analog driver

Example Configuration

Up to 8 digital modules can be combined to create a driver sub-system controlling 1-4 Burn-In Boards (BIBs).

Each driver sub-system provides from 48-384 synchronised digital channels and from 16-128 analog channels. The modules are mounted on a base board called a FlexBASE. FlexBASE’s are available for various oven types or we can help you customise one for your oven if it isn’t currently supported. Up to 32 driver subsystems can be controlled using the FlexBID software.

The example below shows a sub-system with 144 digital channels and 16 analog channels. In addition each module provides external power supply control and voltage and current monitoring channels. Vector download is via high
speed LAN.


Flex Digital Burn-In Driver Module (D-48)


  • 48 driver channels configurable as follows:
  • Dynamic stimulus and monitoring using deep pattern memory on all 48 channels.
  • Sign of life on all 48 channels.
  • Static I/O control and monitoring on all 48 channels.
  • Drivers 0 – 10V; 100mA sink/source; programmable in groups of eight.
  • Up to 512Mbits of pattern memory per channel.
  • Up to 20MHz operational speed.
  • Vector Development: Auto-compare to expected; Call subroutine (nestable); Repeat N times; Jumps.
  • Directly control 4 external bulk power supplies from each module.
  • 4 voltage/current monitoring channels.

Flex Analog Module (A-16)


  • 16 channels.
  • 100Hz to 20MHz.
  • ±10Vpp.
  • Programmable DC Offset.
  • Drive Current 40 mA continuous per channel.
  • Programmable sine, square or sawtooth waveform.
  • 32 voltage/current monitoring channels.

User Interface & Configuration

Fig1: Master menu showing oven configuration

Fig1: MTypical master menu (this example shows a 64 slot oven).



Fig2: Failed DUT highlighted. Clicking on it in the software will display the error log.



Fig3: Recipe builder and monitoring configuration.

Digital Vector Programming

Burn-in and test vectors are created using a simple scripting language which has the following features:

  • Commonly used vector sequences embedded in subroutines.

  • A repeat function for the creation of loops.

  • Errors logged and counted.